How Do I Pay for Classes?

There are a variety of ways to cover the costs of GCA Trades Academy classes:

Students.  For payment inquiries please call the GCA Trades Academy, 647-4842/3, for more information.

Employers.  Many employers provide additional training and development at the GCA Trades Academy to existing staff in order to increase the skills of the company’s workforce. Ask your employer to send you to the GCA Trades Academy.
Scholarships.  Several local companies and community organizations provide scholarship funds for craft training.  Call the GCA Trades Academy, 647-4842/3, for more information.
Apprenticeship.  Registered apprenticeship programs are operated by both the private sector and public sectors.  Sponsors include employers, employer associations and joint labor/management organizations.  Program sponsors and government programs pay most of the training costs.   Call the Guam Contractors Association, 647-4840/1, for more information.
One Stop Career Center/American Job Center.  GCA Trades Academy is a training provider for the clients of One Stop Career Center/American Job Center.  Call the One Stop Career Center/American Job Center, 475-7000/1, for more information.

2 thoughts on “How Do I Pay for Classes?

  1. Interested in HVAC but the cost for tuition is just to expensive for me and the time. There are people who are not certified technician that does cleaning and installation of unit and get paid the almost the same amount as a certified technician. As a career changing person with no money for tuition what do you recommend?

    Thank you

  2. Good Evening Roger,
    There are other programs you can apply for that could help with the tuition assistance. You can reach out to WestCare to help pay for your Core Curriculum and if you register at they may also have the additional funding for you. If you are employed with a company who are members of Guam Contractors Association you could also avail to utilizing Man Power Development Funds. You could also work our an easy payment arrangement with us that may be affordable for you. If you could provide me your email address I could send you information on the classes we are offering. You’re not to late to start in our current HVAC Level 1 class.

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